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Thread: Detect the end of a movie to trigger lights - possible?

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    Default Detect the end of a movie to trigger lights - possible?

    This is a really long shot, but I've searched and can't find a solution (perhaps because there isn't one?)

    Currently I don't have much in the way of home automation - just a couple of Philips Pronto's (RU990) with the repeaters and X10 lighting control for the lamps in the lounge, controlled by the Pronto

    However, we're currently in the process of buying a new home and being that I used to install Crestron and Lutron products, I'd like to make the most of my oppurtunity to re-wire the new house and install something a little more involved.

    Does anyone offer a solution to allow my media source (currently a Popcorn Hour A-200, but I would be willing to change) to signal the likes of Lutron / Crestron when a movie starts or finishes, to dim or raise the lights? i.e. when the credits start at the end of a feature length film. I know that it can be done upon pausing or stopping the movie, but I’d like it a little more automated if you get me…

    It’s not so important to me, but I just started thinking about it the other night when my film ended and I had to grab for the remote.. thought it would be a nice finishing touch
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    An interesting question

    I suppose you could do it rather un-elegantly by starting a timer when the movie begins and when the timer expires during the final credits it triggers the lights brightening. You'd need specific running times for each individual movie, and to capture any mid-movie pauses, but that should do the trick?

    Alternatively, does chapter information get transmitted automatically over HDMI? If so then perhaps you could use the "credits" chapter number to trigger the same thing by passing the HDMI out through one of these?

    No definitive answers but HTH somewhat,


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    I did see on another forum a few years ago, a guy had a small sensor on the edge of the TV to detect when adverts where on. A small white dot I think used to appear just before the adverts and then reappear just before program start. You could use something similar. Most credits happen on a black back ground, so something that could detect this background could then be used to trigger a macro.
    Other wise its some sort of timer. But this would need a link to some kind of database for films, either via internet or something local . So the computer knows that film x runs for 120mins while film y is only 85mins.
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    I hear from installer friend that the Kaleidescape media servers detect end of movies for this sort of thing, but high end stuff (ie ).


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    Smile Detect Stop not End of Movie

    Hi Stubs,

    How about you approach the problem the other way around and just detect the transport controls for playing movies (i.e. stop and play). You can either have an IR interface in the lounge that sends a message to the light system (eg a global cache or similar) or it may be possible via your media server. I do a similar thing for music using XAP messages to trigger volume controls of my amp from a squeezebox. Servers like XBMC have a TCPIP interface that may be able communicate with your lighting system. I think the global cache products have lots of potential as they can be wireless so you can create an IR port or serial port anywhere without new cables.

    Incidentally I am just starting a build myself and have been planning an Idratek install but would value your opinion on higher end lighting solutions.

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