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Thread: Detect the end of a movie to trigger lights - possible?

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    Default Detect the end of a movie to trigger lights - possible?

    This is a really long shot, but I've searched and can't find a solution (perhaps because there isn't one?)

    Currently I don't have much in the way of home automation - just a couple of Philips Pronto's (RU990) with the repeaters and X10 lighting control for the lamps in the lounge, controlled by the Pronto

    However, we're currently in the process of buying a new home and being that I used to install Crestron and Lutron products, I'd like to make the most of my oppurtunity to re-wire the new house and install something a little more involved.

    Does anyone offer a solution to allow my media source (currently a Popcorn Hour A-200, but I would be willing to change) to signal the likes of Lutron / Crestron when a movie starts or finishes, to dim or raise the lights? i.e. when the credits start at the end of a feature length film. I know that it can be done upon pausing or stopping the movie, but I’d like it a little more automated if you get me…

    It’s not so important to me, but I just started thinking about it the other night when my film ended and I had to grab for the remote.. thought it would be a nice finishing touch
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