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Thread: New site: Mike's Jukebox

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    Default New site: Mike's Jukebox

    I've just finished creating a web site describing our home jukebox.

    Here's an excerpt from the home page:

    "This site will be of interest to you if you're thinking of creating your own PC-based jukebox. It isn't a package available for you to buy and it isn't even a design for you to follow. I've designed the jukebox to our specific requirements, bearing in mind the time and resources we have available, with absolutely no thought for what might be appropriate for anyone else. On this site you'll find lots of detail about the design, construction, and operation of our jukebox, some of it important, a lot of it trivial. You are welcome to scan this site for information that suits your purposes, and simply ignore everything else."

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    Default Re: New site: Mike's Jukebox

    Nicely done Mike,

    I do the same using Girder, NetRemote, JRMC and EAC. I have encoded mine as flac.

    Ripping the CD's is all automated and you don't see EAC at all.

    I would certainly recomend NetRemote and Girder for anyone not very good at programming, who want to do the same.



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