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Thread: Z-Wave and wireless RF devices

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    Default Z-Wave and wireless RF devices

    I'm interested in installing Z wave stuff in my home but also want to control a few items that cannot be plugged in. Namely I have a hobby device I made (long story) that is wireless, battery operated and is now controlled with a little RF remote. The receiver is a self learning device, and thus has learned the code of the remote I bought for it.

    I am figuring if the Z-Wave USB interface is used to learn other remotes, that it can learn my remote, which then makes it able to control the hobby device. Does this make sense?

    A little about the reciever:

    Remote control RF receiver AM6621
    receiving frequency : 310MHz

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    Default Re: Z-Wave and wireless RF devices

    Nop, Z-wave works on 908.42MHz in the US and 868.42MHz in the rest of the world (see Beside that, Z-wave *probably* has his own type of signals.


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