For sale is:

3Com Audrey Ergo Internet Appliance

* Wireless Infrared Keyboard
* Power Supply (100V US)
* Stylus which glows in green light when Email arrives
* Built-in 56k Modem
* 2x USB, 1x serial, 1x Compact Flash slot, 1x stereo sound out
* Built-in stereo speakers and microfone
* No Harddisc, works on built-in flash filesystem
* This Audrey comes with additionally installed unix shell
* Supports Ethernet via optional USB adapter
* stylish design

One of the few Audreys ever produced by 3com, was only available for a short term in the US. This harddisc-free computer runs on QNX, has a webbrowser, POP3 mail client, can run any other unix task, such as network share mount and mp3 playing. Due to its instant-bootup it can be used as control panel for an automated home.

Comes without USB ethernet and power converter, but
I could supply you with either one, if you are not able to
find it elsewhere.

This Internet Appliance is in excellent working condition. No signs of usage. It is fun to reprogram to do much more than it was originally intended to do. It runs a Unix flavour called QNX on 300MHz Geode/Pentium CPU. Search the web for the capabilities of this computer. Here are a few to get started:

Shipping 10 Euro inside Germany, 17 Euros for most of Europe

You can get it from my Ebay auction, I put it online for 50 Euro: