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Thread: C-Bus Curtain Control

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    Default Curtain Control

    There are some pretty nifty curtain controllers listed on the Australian EBay that are said to be compatible with CBus. They are very affordable and those who have used them seem pretty content.

    I look forward to hearing if anyone has had experiences with this type?

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    For anyone else reading this old post - it should also be noted that the slientgliss tracks are capable of being controlled by discreet open/close contact closure inputs on the controller i.e. not a toggle open/close like some other types

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    And that Silent Gliss are anything but silent!!!

    We use Goelst's 6200 range which uses a stepper motor and programable start and stops so the thing knows where the rail is at all times and prevent motor burn out as it doesnt use thremal cutouts.

    The same system also comes with slow start and slow stop to prevent heavy curtains swinging as the rail comes to a stop. (trade)
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