While I'm in the posting mood - here is the wiring diagram for my home network.

Problem: Slow and dropped wifi signals. Not able to send HD video from Nas to my media players. Sonos controllers occasionally would not see the sonos network.

Journey: Many hours messing around with routers. Various channels tried. Switched lots of things (Sonos, telephones, lights etc) off to try and stop interferrance.

Solution: Cat5e wiring and two 8-port switches. Now got a gigabit ethernet house.

Outcome: No more dropped wifi. Faster transfers of large HD files. Able to view HD video in Living room, kids play room and bedroom.

Cost: The whole project cost me 248
New/special offer WD Live TV from Amazon -68,
Two factory reconditioned WD's from Amazon marketplace 65 each
Two 8 port Gigabit switches 15 each
Cat5e cables 1@20m and 1@25m - 20


House Network diagram.jpg