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Thread: Home Network Diagram for media distribution

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    Default Home Network Diagram for media distribution

    While I'm in the posting mood - here is the wiring diagram for my home network.

    Problem: Slow and dropped wifi signals. Not able to send HD video from Nas to my media players. Sonos controllers occasionally would not see the sonos network.

    Journey: Many hours messing around with routers. Various channels tried. Switched lots of things (Sonos, telephones, lights etc) off to try and stop interferrance.

    Solution: Cat5e wiring and two 8-port switches. Now got a gigabit ethernet house.

    Outcome: No more dropped wifi. Faster transfers of large HD files. Able to view HD video in Living room, kids play room and bedroom.

    Cost: The whole project cost me 248
    New/special offer WD Live TV from Amazon -68,
    Two factory reconditioned WD's from Amazon marketplace 65 each
    Two 8 port Gigabit switches 15 each
    Cat5e cables 1@20m and 1@25m - 20


    House Network diagram.jpg

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    oops posted in wrong thread. Now corrected.
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    I realise this thread was started a long time ago but as a new member I have just seen it. I have recently finished installing CAT5 network throughout the house because I too was fed up with dropped wifi signals.
    I have a 1950s house which I have been gradually doing work to including wiring and heating improvements. As I have been laying cable and pipe runs I have also laid network cables. each room has a minimum of two outlets which run back to a central switch cabinet in my study which also houses the router, printer etc. Yes there are a lot of cables but they are concealed in trunking where they show otherwise they run under floor above ceilings or in voids. I have used an old heating duct which ran from sub floor to roof space for the main cable access which made life easier.
    I have 24 runs all together but at the moment not all are used. I have worked on the theory that its better have too many than not enough.
    As part of this development I have also installed Owl Intuition to control heating and monitor electrical use and Mi Home to control electrical devices throughout the house. So for example if teenage daughter leaves hair straighteners on after a fixed time in the morning they will default to off anyway when she should be on her way to college. Bathroom and stairway lights etc only stay on when someone is in the zone otherwise they go off.
    All sockets in set groups will go off at set night times so they cant be left on all night or all day depending on what that socket is used for.
    All sockets can be over ridden as can light switches.

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    having sockets included in the automation is something we wish we'd done more of - we have a few, plus most of our appliances are included in the automation, but now wish we'd everywhere always run a pair - one automated, one not, at every free-socket location ...


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    11n 300Mbps Wireless 4 Port Router with ADSL2+ Modem is the best for solving your problem i think.

    With 11n 300Mbps Wireless 4 Port Router with ADSL2+ Modem you will have 5 products in one: 11n 300Mbps Wireless 4 Port Router with ADSL2+ Modem is a Wireless, Modem, Router, Firewall and Switch with Super Fast 802.11n WiFi – surf up to 300Mbps.

    It provides USB share ports, as well as the

    - ADSL 2/2+ high speed Internet access providing 24 Mbps down and 1 Mbps upstream speeds
    - Featuring ADSL 2+ modem and Router combination, no need for additional hardware
    - Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n – up to 300 Mbps
    - PPPoA, PPPoE and IPoA connection protocols compliant
    - VPN support: The Initiator and responder of IPSec
    - Easy installation and network management
    - Integrated 4-Port 10/100Mbps LAN Interface; Fast Switch for Computers, Game Consoles, Media Centres
    - USB SharePort™ - Share USB storage devices locally or over the Internet
    - Support Quality of Service (QoS) – gives you full control over outgoing data traffic
    - Safe&Secure™ 24/7 Firewall for maximum online protection

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