All as part of a project I am working on I want to be able to install an alarm into a property.

I want the alarm to have all the usual motion sensors, door, etc but also require

- ability to access the alarm via broadband when away from home to re-config, etc
- ability for the alarm to notify based on intruder detection using the Internet broadband/SMS
- the project also includes IP based video cameras so the ability to use them as part of this solution would be great too
- expandable to include external security such as electric gates and drive sensors maybe

Basically I am looking to put together a show case for this technology combined with a broadband Internet connection into a home. So any more great ideas would be appreciated.

If you also want to quote for this system please let me know. However be aware I am working to very tight timescales.

Email me directly at if you want or call me on 0161-249-5744