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    Default Welcome to the xAP Flash forum

    xAP Flash is a touchscreen based home automation control application written originally for the O2 Joggler. Because it is coded in Flash it can also run on many other devices including Android , Windows mobile, WebOS and also standalone or within most web browsers on a PC . It doesn't however run on the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as these devices 'famously' don't support Flash. Apple's Safari web browser on a Mac/PC does work well though.

    xAP Flash controls xAP based devices and can integrate with leading home automation software applications that have xAP plugins available, as most do.

    xAP Flash is a hobbyist project I wrote for my own interest when I got my Jogglers, my first ever experience with Flash. There have been a dozen or so beta testers and now it is available for anyone to explore although it will likely always remain in progress / a beta release.

    Due to limited time I am hoping that existing users will be able to support each other here with help, improved documentation, tips, example screen layouts , graphics etc. and if that works well then I'll look to releasing later versions, with added features. Brett has embedded xAPFlash in the Home Automation Hub and there is a great help wiki

    Any general xAP questions should be posted in the parent xAP forum.

    The latest version will always be linked to from here:

    b 0.5g download


    0.5g corrects an issue where labels on externally loaded dual icons displayed incorrectly
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