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    Forgive me for being negative....but as flash on mobile devices is about to start being phased out (to the best of my knowledge) wouldn't it be worth porting it over to HTML5 for example?

    Just slightly concerned that the group effort will be unsupported in a couple years time....

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    Default Html 5

    It will indeed be a diminishing target market.. and there is already another project underway looking at HTML 5 (not mine). It's not just a case of porting though , more likely a totally new app.

    But this is a here and now solution, that I started in early 2010. The Joggler is unlikely to ever support HTML 5, and Flash at least for now, is an ongoing desktop proposition and is being maintained on existing mobile devices, althought it may appear less on newer devices going forward.

    Whilst HTML5 is clearly the future it is a 'within browser' implementation and at the moment appears to have significant performance issues whilst also lacking many features that Flash has. Apple lambasted Flash for performance and stability but their alternative seems far worse currently particularly regarding CPU overhead. It will get there of course. Plus.. and this is a biggie - there are vast numbers of Flash widgets available that can be included in xAP Flash screens. Always useful...

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