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Thread: Dual load dimming light switch

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    Question Dual load dimming light switch

    Good Afternoon,

    I currently have an X10 system but i want to transition over to z-wave.

    I have several x10 dual load dimming light switches connected to kitchen lights as well as hall / front outside light and lounge / rear outside light.

    But I have not been able to find any dual load z-wave modules

    I have found dual switching modules that will control one attached load and control another remote load e.g. ceiling light and bed side table lamp

    Does anyone know of any of these dual attached load light switches or a cost effective solution ?????


    John Lawrence

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    Dual dimming/switching modules took a while to come out as we were all waiting for zwave multichannel to be released as part of the standard.

    You can now find products from Duwi, Astral, and Vitrum that will 2 channel switching/dimming. Vitrum even has a 4 button switch!
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