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Thread: All Light - Simulate Occupancy

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    Default All Light - Simulate Occupancy

    Evening. The other night I set Cortex up to simulate occupency via the all light tick box. I also had enabled the box in about 6 individual light behaviours saying they could come on occasionally etc..

    When I checked back the following morning to see what had happened, the house had remained occupied until about 1am, although we left at 6pm the night before. Therefore no lights had come on.

    I had set the simularion to start at 7pm, through to 12.30am.

    What I also discovered was that we had left a light on downstairs by mistake. This light although switched by an Idratek relay is under manual control only.

    Would this light remaining on have caused Cortex to think the house was occupied even if no movement was detected?


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    Only lights which have the property
    'Enable this light to come on occasionally..." checked are considered for evaluation.
    Even lights with the operation mode = manually will be simulated (if enabled for simulation).

    Leaving a light on will not cause Cortex to think the house is occupied.

    Check that the door you use to exit the house has the property
    'This is an external door...' Checked in the connections menu.

    To 'see' what was going on you could replay the events and observe in plan view what rooms were considered occupied.
    To do this stop the network. Visit main menu View ! History plan view playback. Select the approporate date. Wait for the panel to be fully populated. Click on the line when you started to leave. The state of all the plan icons will be updated (by internally playing from midnight to that time). You can then step or jump to new times and you can observe what happens.


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