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Thread: Logic 4 Tamper light on

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    Default Logic 4 Tamper light on

    Have the magnetic conectors on my windows and after having new windows fitted - I cannot use the systems as the tamper light and Zone1 lights are permanently on. Only way to prevent alarm going off is to set it TEST. Have checked the wiring on all the window conectors and they look fine.

    Any suggestions most welcome.

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    Default Re: Logic 4 Tamper light on


    Have you checked the circuit all the way through from the alarm box to the contacts, or just the wiring of the contacts themselves ? (cable may have been snagged during window replacement)

    I presume you have connected the cable to the tamper contacts on the mag contacts and not just to the "alarm" contacts. Is the fault also the same for all windows or just some ?

    Try wiring a test circuit ignoring the original cable - so disconnect the old and rewire using new, just to prove that there's no fault with the alarm. It would also be worth getting another set of mag contacts to try with, just to eliminate and possible faults from the old equipment.

    Hope that helps,


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    Default Re: Logic 4 Tamper light on

    Hi dont know if you solved the problem yet ? but turn alarm to test remove the cover and see what coloured wires go to zone 1 and colours used for tamper next to zone 1 and then check that tamper wires are joined together at reed switch also make shure the zone wires for reed switch are on the silver screws. do you still have the logic 4 instructions ?
    i am seeking a copy for myself as mine have gone missing

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