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They look awfully familiar to http://www.lightwaverf.com/productsLighting.php

Cheaper though!

I'm using BBSB extensively around the house and have been very happy with them, but the lack of manufacturer support and dwindling supply is making me look around again for an alternative, and this may just fit my budget... as much as I like ZWave, it is just too expensive
Just briefly - I have approx 100 of the 'classic' BBS 4A sockets. They are units that *I* have refurbished - some light cosmetic marking - 30 day guarantee. 9 each (plus delivery). Can probably arrange a small discount on large(ish) orders, if you or anyone else is interested! Email me / see www.domialifestyle.com to place an order / make enquiries. Actually, best to email me, else shopping basket may incorrectly charge the shipping fee.

N.B. have sold 80 over the last 7 months or so. Not one failure! I have 10 ready to go at the moment, but will need a few days to update & stress test the rest!

Back on topic - my second closest B&Q has the WiFi unit in stock. I have to get one to look into Harmony support. If anyone wants a 'lightly used' one in a few weeks, I'll accept reasonable offers.