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Thread: Siemens's new home control range in B&Q

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredd500 View Post
    Maybe we should ask the mods to create a dedicated LightwaveRF Forum here on AutomatedHome?

    That way we can openly discuss the system and protocols with little interference from JSJS designs. Obviously any support will be entirely community based, but there is always the official LightwaveRF helpdesk if anyone has issues they want formal support for.
    That would be a great idea.
    For me the helpdesk is a complete waste of time ive had several phone conversations with them over lights coming on when they should be off and visa versa and they are clearly out of their depth with their software.

    to give you an example i installed one of their dimmer sockets in the bedroom yesterday and the found three separate lights had come on in the living room.

    When you try to reset one socket i can almost guarantee it will set another one off or on.

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    Vettal, its a real shame you are experiencing the problems you are. I am up to four dimmers, three appliance modules and the WiFi link and had no problems with any of it.

    I even have timers switching on one of the appliance modules at dusk, switching it off randomly between 22:00 and 23:00; another switching on my bedside dimmer to 25% at 06:00, waiting 10 minutes, raising it to 50%, waiting another 10 then raising it to 100%.

    All works beautifully.

    I set all this up with an iPhone but I appreciate the software isn't so good through the web or Android.

    I also have FHEM control working (to a point, haven't finished the code yet) and this should provide me with a method of timer/sequence control without using the built in timers/sequences in the Wifi-link.

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