Time for a clear out and to raise some funds for the toy chest, I have for sale the following:

4 X Viewsonic Airpanel V150's (http://hk.viewsonic.com/en/products/...el/index15.php)

2 are working and have batteries that hold a reasonable charge, condition is good with no noticable marks on them. Come complete with docking station and stylus etc. (NB US Keyboards).

1 is working but the battery holds no charge so can only be used when on the dock or with the power supply plugged in (included) (NB US Keyboard).

1 I'd class as for spares only as I believe the CMOS battery is also dead. I bought it for spares and it's sat in my cupboard since. (no docking station, stylus or power supply). Looks like the previous owner attempted to fix it as all the case screws are missing.

I've used them as home automation touchscreens (shown here: http://www.automatedhome.co.uk/Revie...th-Photos.html).

Also worth noting is they all seem to suffer from issues with remembering settings - sometimes they'll take any changes first time, sometimes you have to reset the settings a couple of times for them to take and sometimes they go off on a random walkabout and think they are brand new. Also remember that these are only dumb RDP panlels - they host no applications locally - all functions are through an RDP session to a host PC/server.

Open to offers for the all of them (4 Airpanels,3 docking stations, power supplys,stylus, mini USB keyboard (if I can find them)

Kramer VP88 8 X 8 RGBHV Video & Stereo audio matrix. Although desinged for RGBHV the crosspoints have more than enough bandwidth for HD Component video - I've used it to pipe SKY HD, BLU Ray etc throughout the house.
Just replaced it with a Smart-e matrix.

120 plus postage

2 X Rackmount servers built in Evercase cases - nice looking a dn shorter than usual so if your rack isn't very deep they may well fit. Complete with rail kits.

Server 1 is a Gigabyte G31MX-S2 mobo with a E6300 Core duo processor and 2GB of PC5300 memory.
40GB HDD with Win Xp installed and validated.

Server 2 is similiar specced but I'll have to power it on to get the exact details. To follow.
40GB HDD with Win Xp installed and validated.

150 each plus postage