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Thread: <posX>, <posY> incorrect relative to grid cells

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    Default <posX>, <posY> incorrect relative to grid cells

    Hi all

    I am trying to greate a grid of textboxes. There are 2 textboxes in ecah grid cell - first one occupies the upper part of the cell, second occupies the pottom part.

    I am specifying tb locations relative to the cell origin.
    For the upper tb


    for the lower tb


    I would expect that no matter gridX and gridY are the texboxed would have the same alignment relatively to the cell boundaries.

    Unfortunately when I specify gridX and gridY other than 0,0 the texboxes drif in x or y direction. The higher the values of gridX, gridY the more is the drift.

    I am attaching xapconfig.xml that demonstrates this behavior. Any help highly appreciated
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