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Thread: xAP Weather Schema Schema add change request

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    The efforts put forth are sincerly appreciated. Thank you both for your time and effort.

    I would like to apologize if I misstepped in my approach; I didn't really know how or where to post relating to this endeavor.

    I've become a Joggler / weather addicted personality afflicted person lately; a bit excesive I guess.

    The weather station above WH1080 is the same one of two that I purchased; here (in the US) known by many names; one as the Fine Offset. It is a good price. I purchased my Fine Offset here in the US for $66 USD. Very luckily I also was able to purchase a Davis Vantage Vue for a bit over $150 USD here; way discounted as the best price I could find was about $230 USD for same said Davis. Some person (weather forum administrator) is also making custom serial port devices for the Davis for about $15 such that the device can be connected to the Davis Consoles. It has no buffer; but works very well and it's better than paying $200 for the software/HW when all you need is the hardware. Both of the weather instruments were purchased on Ebay and mostly related to when they were offered; both auctions ended at around 3 AM local time.

    Thinking of taking the Joggler/Cumulus/Fine Offset setup to Florida sometime in the next few weeks to see how it does next to the salty water.
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