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Thread: xAP Weather Schema Schema add change request

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    Default xAP Weather Schema Schema add change request

    I am curious what I need to do to request a schema change in the weather report class?

    Today its:
    UTC=(Time of report in hh:mm format using utc time zone)
    -- mandatory
    DATE=(Date of report in YYYYMMDD format)
    -- mandatory
    WindM=(Value of wind in mph or "Gusty" if gusty)
    -- optional
    WindK=(Value of wind in kph or "Gusty" if gusty)
    -- optional
    WindGustsM=(Value of wind gusts in mph)
    -- optional
    WindGustsK=(Value of wind gusts in kph)
    -- optional
    WindDirC=(Compas heading of wind N|NE|E|SE|S|SW|W|NW)
    -- optional
    WindDirD=(Compas heading of wind in degrees)
    -- optional
    TempC=(Temperature in centigrade)
    -- optional
    TempF=(Temperature in fahrenheit)
    -- optional
    DewC=(Dew point in fahrenheit)
    -- optional
    DewF=(Dew point in fahrenheit)
    -- optional
    AirPressure=(Air pressure in hPa)
    -- optional
    Cloud=(Overal cloud cover currently only "Clear Skies")
    -- optional
    CloudM.X=(Cloud type and height in miles ie "Overcast at 5.4M. X increments on each cloud layer)
    -- optional
    CloudK.X=(Cloud type and heightin kilometers ie "Overcast at 5.4Km. X increments on each cloud layer)
    -- optional
    Icon=(The name of the picture to use, icon names from kweather File names below)
    -- optional
    Error=(Download errors either "NoData" if last connection failed or "StationNotFound" if ICAO code isn't valid)
    -- optional
    Steve; the author of Cumulus added Rain (in mm I believe) which I use. It would be better though to change the Rain part to:


    and another ideal add would be relative humidity:


    I am currently playing with the schema with Cumulus testing the Fine Offset and Davis Vantage Vue weather stations.

    I've asked the author of a Linux based similiar to Cumulus application to add XaP / schema or if I could help add XaP to his application.

    I'm looking to move the connection(s) over to a sheevaplug currently testing the Linux application on a Seagate Dockstar.
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