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    Funny cuz my direction is to do an xAP Flash configuration on an Arm based 800Mhz touchscreen device (already based in custom flash) and in addition using the Jogglers for a similiar purpose (Intel based CPU). Response times are very quick. I did a chroot on the Arm Based 800Mhz devices; but they are still slow. Even faster was the Seagate dockstar with a Mimo USB monitor attached to it.

    I think given the approach is to enhance the existing schema we shouldn't deprecate existing tags so AirPressure needs to stay (implied hPa), inconsistent as it is.

    PressureTrend=falling|steady|rising ?
    or maybe even a numeric
    PressureTrend=-3.2 based on hourly or whatever is the key period or something ?
    Historically mostly just paid attention to whether the barometric pressure was steady, rising or falling; not so much the rate though. Thats me though. I agree that we shouldn't depreciate the existing tags Kevin.

    Yeah, I've had to create maps/documentation/drawings of all of my 1-wire sensors as I am using them for many things lately. IE: also added new water meters to track water usage via counters. Yes I use BSC today for all of the 1-wire sensors. After 10 years of using the AAG weather instrument I have now noticed that it over reports wind speeds something maybe related to debounce even after modification of said device. Found this out comparing it to the Fine Offset / Davis weather instruments.

    The oldest 1-wire weather station stuff I have in place is made up of:

    1 - AAG / Dallas Design anemometer (flawed design anyways)
    2 - Pagoda (with a combo humidity, temperature and light sensor) - which quit reporting humidity and light after about 6 months or so.
    3 - Lightning sensor - with a battery still running just fine after 6 years or so.
    4 - Rain tipping bucket (Dallas design) - still works fine.
    5 - a couple more outside 1-wire combo sensors (temp, humidity and light).
    6 - not related to 1-wire I also put a GPS antenna on the same mast for time sync / geographic location stuff.

    The 1-5 above I would consider one entity of a weather station and it is on one 1-wire network and doing so so after about 10 years.

    I have recently enabled both the Fine Offset and Dallas weather instruments for comparisons' sake and see a difference.

    You are right Kevin; there is a huge variety of 1-wire sensors which would make it difficult to standardize in the weather dot report schema; but many folks today still utilize 1-wire weather stations as an introduction to "weather watching".

    That's said I agree with you relating to the 1-wire "stuff" and will continue to utilize the BSC schema for 1-wire instruments reporting.
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