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    Default xAP Zoneminder Schema

    I've utilized Zoneminder now for maybe something like 8 years or so. I implemented ZMxAP as an additional benefit to utilizing ZM.

    Additionally I did some multipage DIY on building a Zoneminder box based on Ubuntu 11.XX. The "candy" for said build documentation was to be able to utilize xAP for "connecting" the box to the Home automation network. I have been using the messages to drive events on the Homeautomation server and its worked well.

    I currently utilize Zoneminder xAP / 8 analogue and 5 IP cameras on one Ubuntu 11.04 box. I trigger events today based on xAP broadcasts. Mostly utilize "alarm" generated events based on motion detection algorithms as defined by Zoneminder. A package delivery generates a video, series of emailed pictures, text messages, etc. (something like maybe 4-5 distinct and concurrent events).

    The current message I see is:

    I use these messages just fine to drive events. I have just been told though that the message does not comply with the xAPBSC schema. The source does not contain a full end point address (no subaddress component).

    As defined in the wiki:

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