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Thread: WebBrick Compeition

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    Autonomous Lighting Controller

    There are some areas around the outside of my house which are unlit. They are therefore pretty dark at night-time and still dark in the early mornings when I leave for work. I usually leave by the back door to avoid waking up the rest of the household, however there’s no easy way to organise mains-voltage multi-way switching for the route to the car.

    What would be ideal is to be able to push a button as I leave the house which then activates the required lights for a couple of minutes, just long enough for me to lock the door, navigate the path and then unlock and re-lock the back gate.
    Currently, I have a key-ring LED torch but insufficient pairs of hands to accomplish all of the above, along with my laptop, sports bag, lunch etc.

    In addition to lighting my way to the car, I also need control over front and rear flood lights for the drive and garden. Getting mains power to the lights is no problem, however, like the back door, arranging multi-way switching in convenient locations is not easy.

    Hooray for the Web Brick!
    A simple yet intelligent device that I can program to light my way out of the house without walking into the gate post etc. With the Web Brick I can set up the necessary outputs and timers so that a single button press buys me a few minutes of light to escape. Another push button would operate as a toggle for “permanent on/off” for those times when I want the light to last longer – when putting the bin out, or for parties etc.

    For my floodlights, I can do a similar thing – momentary switches in multiple locations, all wired to a single input for one lighting circuit. Multiple circuits are now easy. Turning all lights off from one location is also possible so I don’t have to trek back across the house to turn the floodlight off when I’ve got in to bed and had forgotten about it.

    The other great thing about the Web Brick is its 1-Wire interface. With a temperature sensor connected I can display a discrete LED by my exit switch which will light up to warn me if the ambient temperature is/was low and there is a risk of ice on the roads. The temperature sensor can also feed into the rest of the house temperature monitoring.

    With the Web Brick’s network connection I can update the rest of the house controls with light status etc. Additionally it paves the way for more adventurous lighting control inside the house.

    I can also duplicate the “ice warning” LED by the front door – the normal exit route at weekends, and at more civilised times of the morning ;-)



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    Competiton now closed.

    Winner will be annouced here shortly.



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    ...and the winner is.... (cue drum roll)....TimH with his "Another central heating controller?" idea...

    I will be contacting Tim shortly to arrange delivery of his WebBrick development kit worth £350.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to take part, and to the O2M8 guys for putting up the prize!


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    Default Re: WebBrick Competition

    Wow! Fantastic - thanks a lot guys

    I'd just like to thank the guys at O2M8 for putting up such a great prize, and to Mark and Automated Home for running the competition.

    I've got no excuses now - just look out for the write-up once I've got it all running.


    Tim H.

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    :cry: the competition's finished???

    what about my idea?? (maybe they'll give me one of those great gadgets if they like this one enough)

    pair the webbrick kit up with the cisco wireless location appliance that tracks the location of wifi and rfid devices and my CarPC then BINGO...all sorts of clever stuff!!


    - cisco gizmo knows my car's coming up the 1/4 mile driveway

    - CarPC tells me the gates are opening for me (and close again when i've gone through them)

    - CarPC asks me if i want any of the following...
    - kettle switched on
    - lights on the footpath/in the hallway
    - heating switched on (assuming i haven't already done that via the CarPC over a GPRS connection)
    - to know who else is home

    - i click what i want and hey presto, it's done! (thanks to the webbrick)

    I settle down for a cup of tea, relax for a bit and browse the motion-sensing network camera images to see who's called at the front door today...postman was late again..tut tut.

    off i go box knows..light level sensors tell the webbrick that the stairway's dark..on go the lights

    a couple of hours later i leave the house...

    - gates open and close behind me

    - webbrick knows i've left various things switched on and the CarPC asks me if i want them switched off (or just press the "be right back" button to cancel)

    - better not switch the tumble drier off but don't want the water heated... "click"...sorted.

    - i get to the restaurant and get a text message telling me i haven't been there for a while and asks if i'd like the security system switched on to fully armed. yes please!

    - decide not to go home and stay with a friend. better water the plants or the missus will smack me when she gets back from her trip...find sms template telling the webbrick to switch the watering system on for me..phew!

    ........i think i'll stop now before i get carried away

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuffProjectsNoneFinished
    :cry: the competition's finished???
    Yes, closed - from the original post above...

    "The closing date for applications is 30th April 2005"


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