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Thread: Common locks easily overcome

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    Default Common locks easily overcome

    Not really Home Automation but I sure it will be interest / concern to many. BBC published this article today, 20th February, relating to increasing use of "lock snapping" to gain entry to a house:

    I also found the following You Tube video which shows a number of ways to overcome common euro cylinder locks in less than 2 minutes:


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    Default Protect against Lock Snapping

    The use of methods such as lock-snapping proliferate exponentially as more and more thieves adopt the technique. Sadly lock-snapping requires very little artistry and so is accessible for even the most inexperienced would-be thief. High security euro locks, like the BS kitemarked UAP Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder, offers protection against this threat at a very low cost and replacing your euro cylinder can be done easily in just a couple of minutes. Just Google for "UAP Anti-Snap High Security Euro Cylinder".

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