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Thread: Script language hometronic net monitor or danfoss swave

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    Default Script language hometronic net monitor or danfoss swave

    Looking to write my own scripts for heating control with wireless radiator trvs. One option been exploring is new danfoss trv and a proprietary zwave controller but can't find a good zwave script language to do what I want. Also danfoss doesn't report back actuator position making boiler interlock challenging.

    Sensible heat does your web manager allow full control of hr80s? Here is the kind of script I had in mind.

    Receive message that house needs to be heated in x days time. *Look at outside temperature and calculate how long to heat house. *Put all thermostats in overheat mode for up to 72 hours. Cut heating and calculate how quickly air temp cools down. If acceptable then go in to occupied mode otherwise stay in overheat mode to continue warming fabric of house.

    In occupied mode send a time schedule to each room and monitor occupancy. *If a room I unoccupied for 24 hours assume it can be cut out of heating and send frost protection schedule to therms in that room. *If user manually changes set point on a therm update other therms in room. *If update was during comfort temp period change all comfort temp set points in schedule for that room until next period of multi day unoccupied. If in setback period then allow next set point in schedule for that room to over- ride the temporary change.

    Throughout monitor call for heating demand from all therms and fire boiler only when at least one therm is calling. *Switch off heating and hot water completely if house unoccupied for 24 hours.

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    You can have more control of the system using either our Web Interface (new V2 hardware just released) or Web Manager, however you are only able to access/change the usual temperatures, setpoints etc. You cannot directly talk to the HR80, all messages go via the Hometronic Manager. You may be able to achieve some of what you want this way, but you are always fighting against the pre-loaded control strategies (such as the built-in self-learning optimum start or time-proportioning routines) that you cannot directly access (and in some cases cannot be disabled).

    Some aspects already happen in Hometronic either through simple user adjustment or via Lifestyle overrides, however anything to do with predictive control based on previous occupancy patterns or outside temperature are outside of what the Honeywell systems were designed for.
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