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Thread: I've done it - so can you.

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    Default I've done it - so can you.

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a few words of encouragement to anybody who has decided to start using xAP Flash.

    This is a quote taken from Kevin's original instructions included with the downloaded zip file;

    "If all is well then at startup the icon state for your button should change to match the on/off state of your device, and control should be possible just by clicking the button . A slight tingle when this first works for you is indicative of the geek gene."

    Well, I downloaded the zip file a couple of nights ago, got iserver running (on Windows 7), got hubs running, got Idratek Cortex xAP sending messages back and forth, most importantly I've got a single button controlling a single light from my Android phone.

    I got more than a slight tingle when it all worked.

    I'm just about to order a cheap(ish) Android tablet to use in my first room.

    Just to say though, that it is possible even for a novice.

    I've read just about every post on the forums to do with xAP Flash even when it was called xAP Joggler. The work that Kevin and all the other contributors have done is, as far as I'm concerned, truly amazing. I'd just like to say thanks to you all as I don't think people say it enough, and yes, I know, I'm sad !!!

    - Neil

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    Neil - well done :-)

    You spent a bit of time reading the previous posts and instructions and it got you there - that's good news and I hope it encourages others to have a go. I have to say you're untypical in making that effort though ...

    Your post is perhaps one of the most rewarding ones for me personally that I've seen on the forum and I thank you for making it. It takes quite an effort releasing something that's flexible enough to be of use to everyone. Much easier to make something that works just for oneself and so it's great when others jump on board and you feel you've helped someone else with that tingle.

    I use Cortex too so do let me know how you get on. There are a couple of interesting interactions with lighting as Cortex supports some unusual modes , for example both an on and off brightness. xAP handles it pretty well and if you're using IDRANet dimmers then it may not even show. It can catch you out if for example you're integrating external hardware into Cortex , like I do with C-Bus dimmers. If it goes well for you do post in the IDRATek section too (you may already have done, I'll take a peek) as I'm keen to assist that product.

    Cheers Kevin
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