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Thread: Cortex not recognising initial xAP connections

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    I didn't want to have to bring down my only Cortex to play with this - plus doing so messes up my database information . The 8 bit counters in the hardware for my meter monitoring are very small and so they have to be read fairly frequently else they overflow and I lose logging data. ... hint hint IDRATek... ;-)

    But of course I can only install the trial of Cortex once - and I have previously done this on both other machines I have available (and you need a new key anyway) and so I'm a bit stuck trying to get a test Cortex install for this...

    I did take down my main system and load yours for a short while just now and I do see the behaviour you explain - I get one lamp CeilingRGBR9 that does send xAPBSC.infos every 10 secs. I network disabled two hardware devices that had you created.

    I'll also try and take a longer look tomorrow and also see on Monday if I can get Vivian to supply an extension key for a week or so for one of the trials I have installed that have expired so I can avoid messing up my own system.

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