Hi All,

I'm wondering if anybody has experienced this.

I've recently got xAP flash working on my PC and Android phone. After my initial success I've hit a bit of a problem.

My scenario is this;

I'm running Cortex in trial mode at the moment and trying to get things working the way I want before I order any hardware that is, let's say, incorrect for my purposes. I don't want to make any potentially costly mistakes.

For some reason when I first boot up the trial Cortex PC I cannot get xAP flash to connect my various buttons to Cortex. The only way I can get it to work is if I use Cortex to send an xAP message out for each device then everything works fine. I have a feeling that it may be caused by the fact that there isn't actually any hardware connected, so Cortex isn't sending out the initial status message because it can't interrogate the non existent hardware to get its status.

I've just thought this through as I'm typing so I hope it makes sense.

However, I'm still excited with the prospect of getting everything working as I want and I'm not going to give up.

- Neil

P.S. Can button labels be multiline? I don't think they can but just checking.