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Thread: Joggler Update - Will it break xAPFlash?

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    Default Joggler Update - Will it break xAPFlash?

    Hi Kevin,
    I've recently been getting messages on my Joggler, re an update.
    I know this isn't a specific Joggler site, I just wondered what will be the impact for xAPFlash?

    Link to O2 info which is not detailed:
    O2 Update Info

    I'm assuming we'll have to reinstall and reconfigure?
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    Until it arrives I'm not sure what will happen / whether it will require a re-install of xAPFlash.

    O2 are being more supportive of third party apps and even directly link to the Joggler Wiki so maybe this time they will leave other apps installed and not disable Telnet etc. On the Wiki there is info on how to disable updates should you wish.

    It's particularly annoying O2 are removing the SMS messaging application - and not offering an alternative as that had great future potential for HA control.


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