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Thread: Current version of Cortex

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    Default Current version of Cortex

    Good morning all,

    Can anyone tell me the current version of Cortex? Mine hasn't updated since early February and keeps telling me that it is up to date it is 25.2.13


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    According to the updater I'm up to date with 25.2.22

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    Thanks Geps that backs up my feeling that Cortex isn't getting a list of updates from mothership.


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    I updated successfully today.

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    Default Cortex not updating

    Did you ever resolve this Paul ?

    I recently installed the demo version and had exactly this same problem - stuck at 25.2.13 - I tried this on two machines , both wouldn't update (disabled firewalls) but a third machine worked OK.

    Curiously my main Cortex install also stuck on a later version, around 25.2.20 I think, but after having missed a few updates it now updates again. So I just gave up on the demo versions as I only needed them for a support issue anyway.


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    Since there appears to be variability from different machines one cause I remember from past instances is the UAC (User Account Control) setting in post Windows XP OS's eg. Vista and 7. Basically you have to turn this off. I believe there has been at least one attempt at our end to follow MS guidelines in Cortex code to avoid this but so far hasn't worked...

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    Could you just confirm what the latest version is please?


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    Default . Just kidding, not released yet. I believe it is 25.2.23

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    OOhh Karam you tease.

    In response to Kevin's message, no I haven't got this working on my machine. I did do a network trace and it appeared that Cortex was able to communicate with mothership

    HTTP:Request, GET /CortexUpdate/Version25_01/Invalid%20key%20list.inf
    HTTP:Response, HTTP/1.1, Status: Unauthorized, URL: /CortexUpdate/Version25_01/Invalid%20key%20list.inf , Using Basic realm="Protected CortexUpdate Directory" Authentication
    HTTP:Request, GET /CortexUpdate/Version25_01/Invalid%20key%20list.inf , Using Basic Authorization
    HTTP:Response, HTTP/1.1, Status: Not modified, URL: /CortexUpdate/Version25_01/Invalid%20key%20list.inf
    HTTP:Request, GET /CortexUpdate/Version25_01/Master%20Release%20List.inf , Using Basic Authorization
    HTTP:Response, HTTP/1.1, Status: Not modified, URL: /CortexUpdate/Version25_01/Master%20Release%20List.

    But the Cortex interface just completes stating no updates are available. Also tried turning off UAC in Windows 7 with no joy. Turning up logging gave:

    23:14:51 U> Getting invalid key List
    23:14:51 U> HTTPDone Invalid key list.inf
    23:14:51 U> File =c:\program files (x86)\idratek\cortex\AutoUpdate\Invalid key list.inf
    23:14:51 U> Got invalid key List
    23:14:51 U> Decode invalid key List
    23:14:51 U> Invalid key List decoded
    23:14:52 U> Getting master release list
    23:14:52 U> HTTPDone Master Release List.inf
    23:14:52 U> File =c:\program files (x86)\idratek\cortex\AutoUpdate\Master Release List.inf
    23:14:52 U> Got master release list
    23:14:52 U> Decoding master release list
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.0.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.1.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.2.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.3.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.4.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.5.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.6.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.7.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.8.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.9.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.10.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.11.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.12.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.13.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.14.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.15.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.16.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.17.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.18.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.19.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.20.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.21.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.22.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.23.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.24.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.25.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.26.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.27.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.28.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.29.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.30.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.31.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.32.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.33.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.34.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.35.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.36.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.37.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.38.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.39.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.40.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.41.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.42.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.43.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.44.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.45.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.46.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.47.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.48.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.49.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.50.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.51.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.52.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.53.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.54.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.55.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.56.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.57.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.58.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.59.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.60.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.61.inf$2$3
    23:14:52 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.62.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.63.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.64.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.65.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.66.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.67.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.68.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.69.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.70.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.71.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.72.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.73.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.74.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.75.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.76.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.77.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.78.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.79.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.80.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.81.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.82.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.83.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.84.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.85.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.86.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.87.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.88.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL$1Cortex25.0.0.89.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.0$1Cortex25.0.0.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.1$1Cortex25.0.1.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.2$1Cortex25.0.2.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.3$1Cortex25.0.3.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.4$1Cortex25.0.4.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.5$1Cortex25.0.5.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.6$1Cortex25.0.6.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.7$1Cortex25.0.7.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.8$1Cortex25.0.8.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.9$1Cortex25.0.9.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.10$1Cortex25.0.10.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.11$1Cortex25.0.11.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.12$1Cortex25.0.12.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.13$1Cortex25.0.13.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.14$1Cortex25.0.14.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.0.15$1Cortex25.0.15.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.0$1Cortex25.1.0.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.1$1Cortex25.1.1.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.2$1Cortex25.1.2.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.3$1Cortex25.1.3.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.4$1Cortex25.1.4.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.5$1Cortex25.1.5.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.6$1Cortex25.1.6.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.1.7$1Cortex25.1.7.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.0$1Cortex25.2.0.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.1$1Cortex25.2.1.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.2$1Cortex25.2.2.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.3$1Cortex25.2.3.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.4$1Cortex25.2.4.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.5$1Cortex25.2.5.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.6$1Cortex25.2.6.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.7$1Cortex25.2.7.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.8$1Cortex25.2.8.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.9$1Cortex25.2.9.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.10$1Cortex25.2.10.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.11$1Cortex25.2.11.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.12$1Cortex25.2.12.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.13$1Cortex25.2.13.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.14$1Cortex25.2.14.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.15$1Cortex25.2.15.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.16$1Cortex25.2.16.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.17$1Cortex25.2.17.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.18$1Cortex25.2.18.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.19$1Cortex25.2.19.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.20$1Cortex25.2.20.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.21$1Cortex25.2.21.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL 25.2.22$1Cortex25.2.22.inf$2$3
    23:14:53 U> Versions MFL
    23:14:53 U> Master release decoded
    23:14:53 15-04-2012 23:14:53
    23:14:53 U> Cortex is up-to-date


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    Okay just realised it has updated as based on that output I've gone from .13 when I started this thread to .23. Guess it must be doing it automatically without me noticing.


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