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Thread: Door Entry

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    Cortex has a different object for a multiple input capture card as opposed to a single camera device. When you go to the video capture device selection you will see the video capture card object as one of the possible options. Had you tried this already? If not, maybe you can give it a try. As Chris suggests we recommend the IVC200 or its PCIe variant simply because they are ones that the video components are tested on and we have experience of them as being reliable but obviously it would be good to know of positive experience with others.

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    Hi Karam. I did try it. I think the issue was with the vfw interface - the parameters are stored in the registry under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Winnov\Videum\Cortex.e xe0. "Source" key was set to "5". When changes manually to "2", on a restart, Cortex was resetting it to "5". By using the wnvlink app, I managed to get it working. So, in summary, the winnov videum card is working, albeit with a little workaround. Perhaps this could be added to the FAQ?

    My issue now is that the AUI audio side of things is erratic - every now and then the skype call gets muted. The only way for it to work reasonably reliably is to configure the AUI button to set the intercom object to "hands free local". The clicking is annoying as well. I guess the AUI is designed to really to work with DFPs, and anything else is a bit of a hack. It would be fabulous if there was an android version of the DFP! My next step is to see if I can get a SIP server to work with the AUI....

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