This announcement was done by Indigo:

An exciting new plugin, just released as a public beta, supports RFXCOM's new RFXtrx433 controller. This is a multi-protocol RF transceiver that communicates with a multitude of RF-based products. Several different sensor types are supported, including weather sensors from Oregon Scientific, La Crosse, and others. Now you can build your own weather station with the RFXtrx433 and Indigo!

But perhaps even more importantly, you now have access to a broad range of RF-based Home Automation systems that are available across Europe. Here are some supported by the RFXtrx433 controller:
X10 RF transmission (unsupported with Indigo's built-in X10 support)
Duwi (their proprietary devices)
ELRO (AB400, AB600)
These product lines represent devices available throughout Europe -- we're confident that at least one of them is available in your country. Note that the Indigo plugin is still in beta so all of the above hardware is not supported in the current release. Join the plugin developer on our forum and let him and RFXCOM know what hardware you would like to see supported. In addition to that feedback, they'll be quite grateful for any help with testing/debugging the plugin.

To our North American customers: don't feel left out! RFXCOM has a version of the device that is just a receiver (none of the transmitting protocols work in North America) called the RFXrec433. So, while none of the full home automation systems above are supported, many of the sensors are -- like the Oregon Scientific and La Crosse weather sensors. One of the biggest gaps in hardware on the X10 and INSTEON side are temperature sensors. We have some solutions using 1-Wire (see the next section for a new 1-Wire alternative) but the RFXrec433 and plugin will allow you to wirelessly monitor: temperatures/humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and even UV.

We look forward to expanding Indigo's support of European and Australian hardware and protocols, and Indigo 5's plugin API will allow us to partner with experts in other regions to expand much more quickly.