I would welcome advice about controlling a holiday home heating system via the internet. The house has permanent broadband internet and is in a poor area for mobile coverage. It does have a Vodafone Sure Signal femtocell so mobiles devices will work but really the signal is going over the internet.

There is an underfloor heating system with a proprietory controller, which is hard to replace, but it can be overridden with a single relay that will effectively enable or disable the system.

I have seen SMS control boxes that have two relays in them and tell you their status. This is an option, if I use Vodafone, but I thought it might make sense to try to get the same simple functionality using the internet. I do not really need to put automation anywhere else in the house, so I think that I am after a simple internet gateway that can switch a couple of relays and let me know the status. If it could tell me the temperature of a wireless thermometer too that would be a bonus.

I was wondering if Z-Wave could do this with a Mi Casa Verde Vera Lite - Z-Wave / Internet Gateway, a Fibaro FGS211 Switch Insert and an Everspring ST814 Temperature / Humidity Detector?

Or mabybe there is something simpler like the Global Cache iTach IP2CC Wired TCP/IP to Contact Closure/Relay (link).

Does anyone have any advice?

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