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Thread: Cortex V26 Released

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    Default Cortex V26 Released

    In case you hadn't noticed on the Automated Home news page, Cortex V26 is now released and available for download from Make sure you download and read the release notes first!

    Notable in this release is the introduction of support for a new licensable plugin, code named Cortex Mobile. This is an HTML5 based feature which provides a touch screen interface suited to smart phones, touch pads and the like. It sits on top of the existing web server plugin so has similar underlying security and set up features but otherwise a very different user interface. Some sample images are provided below
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    Cortex 26.0.3 update
    We have had quite a number of enquiries regarding Cortex Mobile but understandably people would like to try it on their own devices before they purchase a license.
    In response we have introduced a Trial option in the Cortex Registration. This will provide a nag screen every hour which the user must respond to in order to continue normal operation. The trial will turn on all Cortex license options. Whilst it is waiting for a user response the network will be paused. It obviously requires attended operation.

    Cookie law
    The Cortex Web Server requires the client device/browser to be enabled for cookies. This is used to identify the logon session of the client. It allows for multiple users using the same logon name and password. It also allows the generation of content tailored to that user. If Cortex is stopped all cookie information is lost.
    It is anticipated that the clients of the Cortex Web Server have been authorized by the owner of the Cortex license and as such, by having been given a user name and password agree to the use of cookies. The logon page states cookies are required.

    iPhone and Cookies.
    The Privacy policy on the iPhone should have Accept Cookies turned on.
    In Safari we recommend that two bookmarks are made. One for local access on you LAN and one for remote access through your router. Whilst it is possible to create icons on the Home screen to access the server it seems Safari does not always serve up cookies when the original request came from a Home Screen icon. Android devices do not seem to have this problem.

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    Hi Viv,

    Appreciate the chance to try out the new mobile features. I've given it a go on my Windows Phone running version7.5 aka Mango. It works but the rendering is not great and somewhat akin to trying to run it from full fledged IE 9 (although WP7 is in mobile mode rather than desktop). Not sure if this is MS diverting from HTML 5 standards (although I was under the impression they were much closer to new standards then in the past) or the mobile rendering being aimed at iOS


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