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Thread: Participants needed for research project on new housing

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    Default Participants needed for research project on new housing

    Would you like to help The University of Reading with some interesting research?

    If your home was constructed since 2000 please read on...

    We are looking for owners/occupiers of new homes built since the year 2000 to take part in a research study for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The idea is to find out how new dwellings can be built to provide improved access and more independent living for the whole population including people with disabilities.

    In order to carry out this research, we would like to survey a variety of new house types including:

    bungalows, flats, town houses, terraced houses, semi detached and detached houses.

    We would also like to carry out an interview with a member of the household in order to obtain their views about their dwelling. Ideally we are interested in talking to the following groups of people:

    older people, families with young children, households with at least one person with an ambulant disability and households with at least one person with another disability including visual impairment.

    If you are interested in getting involved please contact either:

    Sue Flanagan
    Telephone: 0118 378 6734 Email:

    Or Susan Gillham
    Telephone: 0118 378 6206 Email:

    Research Group for Inclusive Environments
    School of Construction Management and Engineering
    The University of Reading
    PO Box 219
    Reading RG6 6AW

    A gift voucher will be given to each volunteer who is interviewed for the research project

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    Default Re: Participants needed for research project on new housing


    Thanks for the post. I've cut and pasted it to our mailinglist too. Hope you get some responses.


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