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Thread: astral - new products

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    Default astral - new products

    1-10V 1 and 2 Gang Dimmers now available for LED and Fl Ballasts.
    Smart Interface for APPLE APP control and RS232 communication.

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    Is the RS232 communication protocol published for the purpose of integration with 3rd party systems? I would appreciate it if you can share any info
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    It would appear so, well done Honeywell for being open with this, now anyone fancy writing a C4 driver for this, I'd buy that for a dollar

    Edit - Only just spotted this was an old thread, but after checking the RRP 370 for a 2-Gang Dimmer Come on Honeywell, I used to work at your sister company and know that it can be done much cheaper and volume will follow. I not saying pitch it at LightwaveRF but at least get close
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