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Thread: EnergyThrift App for Hometronic Web Manager

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    Default EnergyThrift App for Hometronic Web Manager

    A customer of ours who happens to be a software developer has written an iOS App for the Honeywell Hometronic/Sensible Heat Web Manager. It has been developed completely independently and is therefore not endorsed nor supported by Sensible Heat. However since I have started using it I've not used the standard Web Manager interface!

    It is free to download, operating in a limited mode, but requires an in-app purchase to unlock the full functionality. Again all costs and revenue are down to the developer who has no further links to Sensible Heat other than being a customer who bought his Hometronic system from us.

    It is called EnergyThrift, and is well worth a look by anyone with a Web Manager :-)
    Sensible Heat

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    Does this work with the Web Interface or only the Web Manager ?

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    EnergyThrift only works with the Web Manager, so cannot be used with the Web Interface.
    Sensible Heat

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