Hi everyone,

I've purchased the Evotouch with the BDR91 (I also have a spare HC60NG) and 10 HR80's.

I first installed the BDR91 and the Evotouch, setting it up with the Evotouch as the internal sensor/Zone Valve and had no problems with this as 1 zone (Living room). When i changed the setpoint, the Evotouch called the BDR91 and the boiler fired up. Great stuff I thought, now on to the HR80's...

I have added 3 or 4 HR80's to the Evotouch in the following manner:

1) Add New Zone
4) Bind as actuator
5) Bind as sensor
6) Ran RF Test

All looked good, the new zones temps and setpoint showed in the Evotouch and I could navigate through all the new zones I created. When i fitted the HR80's to the TRV valve bodies, the little motors whirred away, I set these to FULL, so it all looks good.


When a zone temp goes below the setpoint, the Evotouch doesn't then call the BDR91 to fire the boiler.... I can tell the HR80 adjusts itself to open up the valve to receive the flow, but it doesn't say to the boiler FIRE UP mate, I'm cold in a zone! However, as before the LIVING ROOM zone, does fire the boiler if it drops below the setpoint, just no other zone.....

I have reset and rebound all the HR80's to the Evotouch, to no avail, ran the RFTests which are EXCELLENT, the HR80 valves open and close yet no boiler action.

Am i understanding this correctly that the Evotouch itself knows from the HR80 if it should fire the boiler?(by comparing the HR80 room temp to the evotouch programmed setpoint) Is it because the Evotouch itself is still in its default (as configured out of box) mode as INTERNAL SENSOR and ZONE VALVE for the LIVING ROOM zone (i haven't added a HR80 to replace this zone yet..)????

I could really do with some advice on this as I'm beginning to think that I've misunderstood the design of the Zoning, in that, does this system need constant trigger from the internal sensor to fire the boiler and then the Evotouch regulates the heat flow via the HR80's? If so, this would mean I'm heating the LIVING ROOM (just to fire the boiler) when in fact it doesn't need it...

I wanted/thought the design of this system, is to allow individual zone control, meaning if any/all rooms drop below a temp, the boiler fires and the heat is regulated/controlled via the HR80's to the zone/s that needs it, hence only heating the room/s that needs it???

I'm in one of those situations where even the wife is laughing at me, all Tech and no idea :-(