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Thread: windows xp mce 2005 lighting integration?

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    Default windows xp mce 2005 lighting integration?


    I'm a complete newbie with regards to automated control but having just built my own mce computer I was wondering if there were any plugins for automated control. I have no idea what to look for or what to buy or even if it's possible. Can someone please tell me if it's possible. I would want to integrate it with the mce remote control and run it through mce. If that's not possible then for now I'll wait until it becomes more readily possible. I have enough remotes already! So in short.... is it possible? What hardware would I need? Oh... and help!!!!!



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    Default Re: windows xp mce 2005 lighting integration?


    Have you seen this...

    I believe there's also a MCE front end for HomeSeer.


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