Getting your hands on one then getting all the parts can take a while.
First started hooking everything up and realised my HDMI connector was an HDMI to mini HDMI so it didn't fit. Oh well off to the Chinese bazar in the morning for a 2 euro lead. Then I had to find a mini usb to usb cable. Fortunately found one in the shape of a Samsung Phone cable. I have a tiny plug USB power supply which delivers 1A at 5V. So enough for the PI.
I had got 2 8GB card from Aldi a few days before, and had already transferred the Debian image for the PI on to it. Shoved the SD card connected everything to it and plugged it in. IT started to boot up and do its thing, had a few error messages but I guess that was due to no network connection. The typed StartX and up comes the LXDE environment. This is the windows environment for the PI.
Remembered to connect the network cable. Started the Midori browser. And off we go. Its a bit slow, about the same speed as a 1Ghz Via mini-itx wth 1Gb running XP. so its about liveable with. Then found that it doesn't support Flash. Tried Chrome which is slightly better on the PI, but still no flash. Then the kids wanted to watch tv so sent the PI off to bed.

Also tried RaspBMC which seems quite good haven't tried any films yet as I have a problem with my server at the moment.
Just need to see which films it can play and which ones it can't.