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Thread: Electric radiator valve control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SensibleHeatUK View Post
    That said, in my time in comercial building controls I never once saw a system get its control loops tuned, most commissioning engineers simply picked their favourite values and put them into their code and hoped for the best!
    I can't speak for most, but I certainly did (although typically the logic would just be PI on the stuff I worked with and wrote). You've have a good idea of starting values, but as you say it could be very site specific and setting things too tight could cause instability. Lot of delays of all sorts in a typical heating system!

    By the way, you say "in your time" .. was that by any chance back in the '80s before the bottom fell out of the energy management and energy saving market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonySmith View Post
    By the way, you say "in your time" .. was that by any chance back in the '80s before the bottom fell out of the energy management and energy saving market?
    Not quite, I got started in 1990 as a local authority energy management engineer, and we commissioned/programmed all of our BMS in-house to try and make the most of our meagre budgets. I left in 1999 to go and work for the original founders of Trend in their new controls company having successfully used their product for a year or two before. That was when I finally moved away from programmable controls for good in favour or pre-programmed, modular, configurable controls.

    It sounds like you were around during the big changes as DDC became the norm then TonySmith, I bet that was a really interesting time to be involved in building controls!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pjbw View Post
    I have scoured Google but I cannot find a simple solution!
    My handicapped daughter's room needs accurate temperature control (+- 1C) .
    Because of the radiator position TRV's (even with capillary remote sensors) are out.
    What I think I need is an electric radiator control valve with a remote thermostat (not necessarily wireless).
    When the thermostat is too cold the valve opens slowly to try to prevent overshoot.
    When the temperature is correct the valve 'sticks'.
    When the thermostat is too hot the valve closes slowly to try to prevent undershoot. (When I was a plant engineer many years ago this was called differential control, I think).
    Can anyone suggest a supplier of such an integrated valve and thermostat system, or maybe suggest an alternative?
    Personally, I'm thinking of buying the ELV Max system. Not too expensive, and I think it corresponds to your needs.

    Downside : website only seems to be in German, maybe Google Translate could help you. Or find a reseller near you ...

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    I started small by installing a kit similar to one of these: FHT80BTF, it is th same as the Househeat system (only much cheaper) and I think is manufactured by ELV.

    It is aimed at full zone control, but providing you have something pumping hot water to the radiator (your existing boiler and timer combination) then it can be used as a simple electronic replacement to the TRV.

    I would avoid the LightwaveRF system at the moment - its not as fully featured as the Conrad/ELV/HouseHeat system and is due to be replaced with something that has been promised (but not delivered) for over 18 months. Long term it might be great, but no one using LWRF (myself included) is holding their breath for it at the moment.

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