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Thread: Evohome Correct configuration and operation questions?

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    Question Evohome Correct configuration and operation questions?

    I have a Keston Boiler connected to a Ariston (megaflow). I have 5 rooms with radiators controlled with a combination of HR80's and DT92e and one BDR91 as the main Boiler relay connected to the radiator motorised zone valve. Additionally, I have one room with under floor heating connected to a motorised zone valve and a DT92e and a BDR91. My questions are as below and I thank everyone in advance for their help knowledge and advice.

    1) The HR80's and the DT92e have menu settings built in for options such as optimisation and open window compensation. These options are replicated in the main Evotouch control panel. My question is do I need to set optimisation on the HR80 and the DT92E as well as the Evotouch controller or does setting the optimisation functions in the Evohome controller override the settings in each individual HR80 or DT92?

    2) On my system I have 5 rooms set-up as zones using HR80's and DT92e's controlling radiators. I also have a kitchen with under floor heating set-up as a Zone controlled by a DT92e. This all seems to work fine, my question is, when the under floor heating comes on the main Boiler control (BDR91) also comes on and opens the Zone Valve for the radiators even if none of the radiators are calling for heat. Is this correct operation, have I set it up correctly?

    3) Following on from above, if I installed an HCC80R, controlling my under floor heating, would the main Boiler BDR91R light green and still open the Hot water when the under floor is calling for heat even if the HR80's are not calling for heat. Is that just the way the system works?

    4) Finally, in regards to the control of hot water. If I connected a BDR91R to the Hot water Zone control and used the Hot water control in the Evohome Controller to turn the hot water on and off per my time schedule set in the Evohome, would this work?

    A. I tried this today and every time the hot water came on the main Boiler BRD91R came on green and opened the Radiator motorized Zone valve.

    B. My Ariston sealed hot water system (same as megaflow) has its own thermostat built in. If I set up my hot water as above in (A) if what I am suggesting works then the Evohome controller will open and close the Hot water zone valve as per the timing schedule and the Ariston thermostat will take care of the call for heat if the stored water needs heating. Likewise the thermostat will turn off demand to the boiler to heat hot water once the stored water is up to temperature? So the Evohome controller is working as a simple timer for stored hot water. Does this sound correct?

    When we tested this today we took the BDR91 off the hot water (and went back to an old fashioned timer switch) because when the timer on the Evohome controller called for Hot water it also opened the main Boiler BDR91 radiator motorised zone valve even though no radiator heat is being called for?

    Is the way my Evohome controller along the BDR91 (set as a Boiler relay) working with the correct functionality of the Evohome system, have I set it up correctly?

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    Default Did you get this to work ?- I'm thinking of doing exactly the same


    Did you get the answers to your questions / or work it out...? - I'm thinking of doing exactly the same and it makes sense/ looks like tit shoud work - assuming the BDR91s are identified as separate controls?

    many thanks


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