First, it looks like this is the first post for nearly a year - Surely it can't be _that_ quiet!?

Re the subject of the post - Same old chestnut. . . . .

Does anyone have any recommendations for LED driver/lamp combinations that will work with CBus?

I have CBus, as a retrofit, throughout the first floor of our house but that was done a few years ago and the fittings are all halogen.

I'm about the redecorate much of the ground floor and an extension and would like to use LED fittings and I want them to be dimmable.

However, from a bit of googling, it would seem to be a minefield of which lamps work with which drivers and much of the experimentation seems to relate to Oz.

So, can anyone recommend any drivers and lamps that are currently available (as of Oct 2012) that will work with CBus?

Many thanks