I'd like to request a 'state-of-play' for xAP. Is anyone actively developing any Connectors? Is anyone apart from Michael McSharry updating any existing Connectors or Applications?

The reason I ask, is that I would like to add an RFXtrx433 to my setup. This would let me dump most of my X10 kit as well as being able to easily add weather/smoke detection/blind control/curtain control/ gate control without adding more cables.

I have been running xAP for more than 9 years and have done a few installs for clients as well as my own network. Overall it has been great. I feel bad that I don't have the time/skills to help develop Connectors or maintain the existing Hubs, Connectors and Applications. I would like to know if now would be a sensible time to jump ship to something with a more active development community.

Picking an alternative isn't going to be easy, my current setup is:

xAP Floorplan (all my scripted events, web interface - stable)
xAP Netiom (window sensors, door sensors, door bell, relays - rock stable)
xAP X10 GUI (lights, sockets, remotes - stable)
xAP mcsK3145 (temperature sensors - unstable)
xAP mcs1Wire (temperature sensors, iButton door entry - unstable)
xAP mscCID (Caller ID - stable)
xAP Jabber (messaging - unstable)
xAP Weather (local weather - stable)

I have been involved in a number of Open Source projects over the years and I understand that interest and available time can wane, so I'm just trying to find out if anyone was interested in finding a way to get a couple of new Connectors done.