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Thread: Stone Speakers?

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    Default Stone Speakers?

    I was told someone on here was trying to find some in the UK :?:

    Can't see the topic (sorry if I've missed it) but Rockustics are distributed to the trade in the UK by Max Distribution so they may be able to help

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    Default Re: Stone Speakers?

    There was a big article on waterproof rock speakers in this months International Smarthouse magazine (Vol4 Issue3) - available at your local WH Smiths!!!

    There are a quite a few reviewed (including the max ones above), here are some more links :
    and of course

    If anyone wants, PM me your email addy and i can scan and email the article.

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    Default Re: Stone Speakers?

    I looked at these because I wanted to pipe music into my backgarden but ended up getting a pair of factory reconditioned Bose environmental 251's for 299 from the Bose factory outlet shop in Braintree in Essex.

    They're absolutely fantastic.

    I've got them running off of a dedicated Cambridge Audio A5 Amp that I picked up from those helpful chaps at Richer Sounds.

    Before you spend any money on Rock Speakers - check out the Bose kit first. Warranty for 5yrs!

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