Hope someone can help. I installed a Honeywell RF control system comprising two Evotouch controllers 13 rad valves (5 of which are linked to 3 separate room stats) I did this a year ago and everything has been perfect until last week. Then out of the blue several radiator controllers (some on each Evotouch) stopped feeding back current temperature to the controllers. I have replaced all batteries and gone through the binding process again and all but one valve are now reconnected, but some still drop out unexpectedly.

Then the BDR91 boiler controller lost its RF link and although I installed it a year ago I cannot remember how to bind it to the system. The Honeywell manuals are useless and seem to suggest I have to bind the BDR with each zone, whereas I am sure I just bound it with the Evotouch controllers.

So, can anybody explain why suddenly all round the house I am having RF problems after a year of perfect operation? AND how do I rebind the BDR91

Please, pretty please!