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Thread: Rate My Invention!

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    Default Rate My Invention!

    Hey guys. I'm developing a new home automation product and was hoping to get some opinions.

    It's an inexpensive system which allows you to answer your door from your smartphone. This means you don't have to put up with not hearing the doorbell, guessing who's at the door, or an annoying doorbell ring.

    The product doesn't exist yet, so I'm hoping to get your opinions before I spend even more money making it a reality.

    I've attached a brief overview of it in a picture below and have some questions for you...

    1. What do you think of the general idea?
    2. Would you buy it? If yes, what's the biggest benefit of this product?
    3. If you wouldn't buy it, please tell me why.

    This project is really important to me, so any opinions (negative and positive) are most welcome.

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    General Idea
    I think the idea is sound however there are several devices out there that could perform a similar task - The article mentioned dates back from 2011, and I don't see that retailers such as B&Q have picked this up yet.

    This is the biggest detractor, although the casing is cheap the underlying hardware is very expensive for the consumer market. Presumably there is additional hardware such as a server to handle requests from the App?

    The pictured mount just makes me want to snap it off or wiggle it about. In wall mount would be more protective and ascetic.

    Depending on level of programming, the software maybe vulnerable to memory leaks, embedded attacks via QR codes, and EMF

    Let's hope the local chav's don;t get wind of this else you will have an abundance of rude messages hitting your inbox. User acceptance is another issue, I guess you might get alot of pictures of the backs of peoples heads who've rung the bell and not realised what's going on when it's not answered.

    Cost is your biggest enemy in this project - it's a doorbell at the end of the day. Callers who may leave a message will be couriers unable to leave an un-signed package anyways therefore no benefit. If you are planning to link it to an electric lock, then you will have house insurance issues as well

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    Default Keep it simple.

    My Comfort alarm system has done this for MANY years but that is a complex and expensive solution. I am not sure why the device mentioned in 2011 has not hit the streets. I find it useful to talk to delivery drivers, I can often get them to come back later or wait for a moment if I am not too far away. I did have a postman who would deliver special delivery items without a signature if he had spoken to my via the intercom. My new post man is not so helpful :-(

    As has been said before it needs to be cheap and robust, why not a simple plastic case. Why not just use the basics of a cell phone and a PAYG sim card? That way it would be nice and simple to make. The ideal solution would be a simple intercom box outside liked by wire or wireless to an internal controller that can also be the doobell. Even simpler, why not base it on the DECT technology like an autodialer?

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