I'm selling my X10 items, I have the following available:

4xSS13E Remote wall switches, three used, one still in box

3xAM12U Appliance Modules (T)

3x2027UK Appliace Modules (T)

5xLM12U Lamp modules

5xMS13E Motion Detectors

1xHR10 Remote Control

1xIR7243 Infra-Red Converter (T)

1xW800RF32AE (WGL designs) RF receiver with serial interface

1xLM15EB Socket Rocket (probably about as welcome as the proverbial in a space suite these days)

1xCM12U PC interface (T)

Now, I've Tested the ones with the (T), but for a number of reasons I've not tested the rest, mainly lack of time and interference on my power lines from a big X10 black hole, believed to be related to my cabling layout and my poweramps.

Therefore, I've decided to offer up to the list first. Any reasonable offer considered PLUS cost of postage, so you make me an offer if interested and if we have an agreement I'll add the postage to our agreed amount PLUS postage. If you live close to SK17 I'd be happy to meet up half way if it saves us money.

I'm hoping not to split but will do so if necessary. Feel free to ask any questions if you need more info.

thank you for looking, robin