Hi Willem,

My heating contol is done using velbus relays. I have a three zone heating system (oil fired). Control is siimple, as its a relay for each zone, all going through a vmb4ry module. If you look at the link for the cel spreadsheets of my din rail layout I think it shows a schematic.

In addition to the velbus relays, I uses SCS switches, 4 altogether throughout the house. These have a built in temp control, so each room with an scs reports back room temp to comfort. With that, you can program up variou different macro do do different things based on temp, occupancy etc. I also have a back-boiler on our living room stove which is able to heat rads and water when lighting. I have a standard room thermostat behind this which is wired to a comfort input, whiich goes open circuit when it hits a certain temp. This is used to tell cofort that the fire is lighting, and to control the heating based on this.

I am thinking of adding velbus vmb1tc temperature controllers and some vmb1ts temp sensors to my system also. The vmb1tc I think will add a bit more intuitive control to hating etc.

I dont have a kt03 touch screen, think it woud be a nice addition, but a bit pricey for me to justify. Would prob put one in now as part of a new build, cos I could "disguise" the cost of it, but hard to do that now :-)

All of my prograing has been done using comfigurator on a pc/laptop, its quite easy once you get used to it.

On the hardware, first thing first is decide specifically how many inputs you need, cos thats the basic bit you need to get right. You need to think a bit above basic security requirements to do the automation peice, foe example, the unusual inputs tht you may require to feed comfort info on wht the house is doing. Dont just plan for PIR and external door sensors.

My house is a 4 bed bungalow with 3 living rooms, and I a using 24 inputs in total. I could do with a few more, but just to give an ru down

4 external door sensors
11 pir sensors
4 internal door sensors
1 room thermostat (for stove).
2 sensors on outdoor buildings
1 reserved for driveway sensor

For the PIR's, any room with an open fire or stove, then go for dualtec pir's to avoid false alarns due to heat changes.
Think avout an lem03 instead of a lem02, I thik it will give youe 16 extra inputs.

I have not used a door station, so cant really advise on that, and the ringer for home phone, but seems fairly straight forward.

Again, hve a serious thinkg about wiring as many sensors as possible at this stage, its dirt cheap to wire for them, and saves a lot of hassle in later years. I would have wired all my internal doors with recessed door contacts if I had the cnace again, it works really well on the rooms that I did do it on, and makes the light control work seamlessly.