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We've got a small-ish Idratek installation. As everyone has said the choice is absolutely horses for courses with a fair lump of personal bias thrown in (that's being human). Rather than get into the whys and wherefores of what I wanted the system to do (mostly covered above) I wanted to post to put the record straight on Idratek's looks!

I'd nearly passed Idratek by as I wasn't a big fan of the look either, but with help from Karam and a bit of homework, I'm pleased with the look of our Idratek system (I'm really pleased with Idratek itself). I've attached a few photos of a switch and a PIR/light sensor. They're not great photos, but hopefully they give you a flavour of how Idratek can look.

Here's a typical switch - how I'd wished I'd found an alternative to heatmiser from a looks/ease of use standpoint

Up close

We have a number of different switch configurations for different rooms. The switches also have LEDs, but I don't bother with them.

Spot the PIR!

It's beyond the light.

Whilst I'm here, I'd also say that Karam and Viv are the most helpful guys I've come across in a long time...

It doesn't really help your choice, but I feel better! Good luck.

Hi Peter,

Lovely looking system, like the switches...a lot. Are they standard momentary using twisted pair to idratek inputs ? That would certainly give more flexibility and choice for an install!